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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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slowing. looking also at the commute as it starts to build further east. oakland and a 580, what's going on there? >> pleasant conditions to finish off the workweek and then those temperatures soar over the weekend. we're talking record heat as we get into next week. lots to go over in your full forecast. and we have a live look outside. isn't that spectacular? it is friday, may ninth. this is "today in the bay." truly do live in the most beautiful place on earth. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us, i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. this is where our president, president obama is waking up this morning. he has one more stop today before he hops on to air force one and heads out of town. "today in the bay" nanette
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mirranda is live in pleasant view. >> i have an advance copy of president obama's speech. series of actions aimed at carbon pollution. here are some highlights. mr. obama wants to build up a solar work force, provide innovative financing for solar, invest in energy upgrades to federal buildings and improve appliance efficiency. the white house chose walmart to announce these actions because the giant retailer will commit to double the number of on-site solar projects at u.s. stores, sam's clubs and distribution centers by the year 2020. the president is also expected to highlight other major businesses that have made the similar commitments as walmart has, but mr. obama will be greeted by protesters, labor groups and some walmart employees don't understand why he chose the chain for this visit. they say walmart is known for its low wages and high profits.
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not exactly a model when democrats are fighting to raise the minimum wage. but the white house says this stop is not about wages, it's about renewable energy. a security sweep is expected to take place shortly and clear the way for the president's arrival and his speech is expected to begin at 9:55. we're live in mountain view, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. as you just heard nannette reporting the president's remarks expected just before 10:00 this morning. the tail end of the rush hour could be crowded as the motorcade moves through mountain view. mike inouye has a look at where you might want to avoid if you're in that area. >> south bay map but it does have our traffic sensors and i'll circle and where the fairmont is located and you see 280 takes you conveniently up the peninsula over towards the lower peninsula part and mountain view and i call it the south bay and you let me know what you call it.
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mountain view where walmart is located and take surface streets as likely highway 85 and that will tie up the end of your morning commute. talk about friday with lighter drive and that will be at the very end when things are starting to clear from the south bay. this area through mountain view, as well. that's where moffett field is. you're going to tie up 101 and 85 or 237. the same area that actually took place yesterday. about 4:30 when the president arrived into town and theded over towards that first event. we're watching that area anywhere north of that, the palo alto and no worries, guys, we'll track it and send it back to you. >> stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the president's visit and live updates throughout "today" show, as well and also during our news at 11:00 this morning. you can also follow this story on our website, also new this morning, one person is dead and seven others injured after an earthquake in southern pakistan. the usgs says the original quake
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was magnitude 4.3 and a 4.6 aftershock has now hit the area. pakistani officials say the initial quake caused at least 25 mud brick homes to collapse. a richmond man accused of kidnapping two teenage girls is now behind bars, all thanks to facebook. police say over the weekend nicholas wessel took the teens to a hotel in nevada and modesto teens to a hotel in nevada and sexually assaulted one of them therep a few days later one was talking with him on facebook. authorities contacted the social media giant which gave them an ip address and led them to the girls. police say they're run aways and being held at juvenile justice centers in reno. the woman charged in the robbery and murder of a south bay millionaire told a judge she feels badly about not warning the victim that her brother was about to break into his house. katrina fritz testified yesterday as the key witness against her own brother and his
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friend. she said her brother called her and told her he was going to break into the house. she said at the time of the home invasion, she had not seen him in a year. she reportedly gave her brother directions to the house, drew him a blue print of the mansion. fritz says him and his wife were home when austin broeb ke in ane was killed during that home invasion. sunnyvale fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a mobile home to burst into flames killing two people inside. this is follow up to breaking news we brought you yesterday. fire crews say a woman and her boyfriend died in the fire. the woman's adult dependent son who had special needs managed to escape. the cause is not suspicious. and the tree trimmer accused of killing baby birds outside of a post office in oakland is now responding this morning. enesto tells "the chronicle" he
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messed up by allowing his crews to chain saw the trees even though the black herons were in the trees. he spoke to wildlife investigators earlier this week. they are protected by the federal government. the east county boys and girls club will reportedly lose its charter today. the club which covers part of contra costa county is failing to meet operating standards. the "oakland tribune" reports the 67-year-old club closed last month because of financial difficulties but was supposed to reopen this summer. the national organization says it can reapply for membership when it meets the proper standards. well, 5:06 right now on your friday morning checking in with meteorologist christina loren looking at the forecast here for the weekend. big day on sunday for the moms, of course. >> big day for all the moms out there and we all got one. please, don't forget about it. a lot of free events, maybe, you know, maybe you don't have a lot
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of money right now for mother's day. maybe you just don't have it. free things you can do around the bay area. we'll show you as we head throughout the morning, a new event just about every half hour and temperatures this morning mostly in the upper 50s. really mild out there. temperatures are going to be really warm today as we get into this afternoon, comfortable conditions, not too bad at all, talking about the low 70s and then that heat cranks turning hot by mother's day. so, you do want to keep that in mind. much cooler at the coast on sunday than what we're expecting inland. temperatures some cities in the 90s. for this morning look where we're starting out. nine degrees milder in san martin than 24 hours ago and the reason why the full deck of clouds overhead serving as a blanket trapping in some of the warmth from yesterday. see the sun come up at 6:05 this morning. sunny and mild by mid-day and cool, ocean breeze and then a beautiful sunset for you at about 8:06 today and tomorrow your last mild days and then that heat cranks. here are your temperatures. 72 degrees for the east bay and
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south bay at 71 and 64 degrees in san francisco and little fog here. we'll show you when this is going to clear and we're talking heat as we get into the next half hour. right now, though, if you have got to go, mike is here to get you on time. >> we're talking about the weather that you were talking about. the view from emeryville. makes that nice background for the city lights in san francisco. a smooth drive on our map shows that we just have a road crew, typical overnight road crew coming out of the city and approaching treasure ildensland a smooth drive heading over there and around the rest of the east bay approach. we do have the early start to show, a little bit of slowing out of the altamont pass. back there west 580 at grant line road and reports of a hit and run accident and a car on the side of the road and out of lanes and little distraction as that commute starts to build. speeds for the south bay and no problem all in the green zone for your northbound route.
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mid-day traffic and talk more about that coming up and right now looking at the north bay, as well. back to you. >> looks good, mike, thank you. a warning this morning from san francisco officials who say if you're not paying attention to new construction near the golden gate bridge, it could cost you in terms of a toll. as part of the new parkway project crews have to move the last exit in san francisco before the bridge back by about 1,000 feet. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in san francisco this morning. how big of an impact will it have on traffic? that whole area has been under construction for a while. >> could cause some backups and congestion on the northern approach here to the golden gate toll bridge plaza and if you're not paying attention, you could be forced to cross the golden gate bridge and pay that $7 toll even though your intention is to stay in the city. head northbound 101 towards this
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location and up the final approach to the bridge. you see that last exit sign and right before you get to the toll plaza, you have the option of exiting back into the persidio but come sunday, that all changes. that's when construction workers will realign part of the road, which will push the last exit about 1,000 feet south. so, if you're not paying attention, you could end up missing the new exit and get stuck having to cross the bridge and, of course, get back into the city you'd have to do a u and come back across the bridge and pay the $7 toll. they warn there could be congestion on this final approach because of drivers confused by this new alignment. this new alignment, by the way, is temporary. should only last a month or two. so, again, anyone that is going up northbound 101, you always see that last exit and you can always get off right before the toll plaza, but, again going to be about 1,000 feet back starting sunday. but for people, you know, out
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and about monday and through the rest of the week, just something to keep your eye on. reporting live here at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, bob redell. >> a good heads up there, appreciate it, thanks. 5:11. another state has moved to ban sales of tesla. >> that's right. also this tweet from the national security agency looks like a mistake originally but it turns out this whole thing part of the plan. we'll explain. got a story for nbc bay area investigative unit? call the tip line at 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us at
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tesla ceo says even though california is back in the running to host a massive battery plant, the golden state is unlikely to win. california is competing with
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arizona, new mexico, nevada and texas but musk says california will likely take too long to approve permits. the company would like to break ground as early as next month. governor brown is trying to woo the company but could take up to a year to get regulatory approval. the company would make enough batteries for half a million cars by 2020. meanwhile, missouri is the latest state to try to keep tesla from doing business. trying to make it illegal for companies to sell cars directly to drivers. new jersey, texas and arizona have already banned direct sales. the multi-billion dollar merger between two advertising giants has fallen through. they announced they were abandering marriage plans too hard to finish the transaction in a reasonable amount of time. the $35 billion deal was supposed to help the companies compete with silicon valley companies like google who spend a lot of time mining data on
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customer habits. new rumors about when that new apple iphone will hit the market. hampton pearson that and a look ahead at today's trading. good morning, hampton. >> good morning, scott. we'll start with the futures are flat after stocks erased early gains to close the lows of the session and the nasdaq hosting its first three-day losing streak in a month and the russell 2000 which tracks lower cap stocks is now down 10% putting it close to correction territory. we are going to get data later today on wholesale trade. the dow which has been up more than 100 points closed up 32 to 16550 on thursday and the nasdaq falling 16 to close at 4051. apple will unveil the iphone 6 in august, a month earlier than expected. the new device will have a 4.7 inch screen similar to the
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iphone 5. but a larger screen will hit stores in september to help apple compete with samsung galaxy smartphone. have a great day and a great weekend. >> all right, hampton, thank you. same to you. we now know what's behind a pretty confusing tweet that was sent out last week. bizarre tweet that really looked a lot like jiberous. maybe it was a pocket tweet. those are embarrassing. turns out it was a message written in code. according to cnn the form of a help wanted ad. when you translate it it reads, want to work, what it takes to work at the nsa and check back each monday to protecting our nation. >> that's what that says. >> some people figured that out. i'm sure christina figured that out. >> i like to try to crack the weather code every day. today, you know, it's not a hard code to crack. it's going to be lovely out there. we had some showers come through yesterday so let's start with the positives. the benefits of those showers
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good air quality as we wake up this morning showing you a live picture here of san jose where you will find an overcast sky when you walk out your front door and temperatures this morning close to 60 degrees just about everywhere. much milder than 24 hours ago. you could probably even get by without a jacket this morning in the south bay. so, right now temperatures are still mild out there, but this is the coolest point of the day, 70s on the way this afternoon, tomorrow, the same. and then the 80s move in quickly as we get into your mother's day sunday. for today, though, good air quality across the board and showers rolled through yesterday and our hillsides will stay greener a little bit longer and 70 degrees for the south bay and 72 for the east bay and 64 degrees in san francisco. not a bad day there but you're headed towards the 80s san francisco as we get into this weekend and especially next week, we're talking mid-80s. could see 90 in oakland as of wednesday. this is what you can expect for today. nice, comfortable conditions out there. mother's day weekend temperatures will warm up into the 90s and only in the warmest cities across the bay area.
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then as we get into next week, that heat cranks and we're talking about triple digits. the hottest weather of the year so far. you'll notice that on your seven-day forecast. let me show you the difference between san jose and san francisco just over the course of the next five days. mother's day weekend, two very different sides to that weekend. much cooler conditions inland on saturday and 85 degree in the south bay on sunday and up to 98 degrees by tuesday. yeah, that's a hot-looking temperature and a hot-looking band, mike. over to you. >> big changes, again. had the sprinkles overnight and now we still have a little mist in the air. when i drove through this area coming into the south bay through fremont, had to use the windshield wipers and as christina said, that will continue to get more and more beautiful throughout the day and good stuff for our friday, but, watch, a little mist on the roadways and that's not a big deal. we'll talk about as we look at the map for the south bay and just got word that auto mall parkway near fremont, reports of a lot of nails on the roadways. we'll watch for that and that is
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an issue. i'll track that and let you know. where there is some nails on the roadway. 680 over here moves smoothly. westbound a little slowing and developed as more cars come out of the altamont pass. a little distraction, that's all we have for you through that area and drive down the east shore freeway and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and cash lanes and still some folks waiting to pay over there. we widen out our shot and see traffic into and out of san francisco and moving nicely there, no problems. little low clouds and fog from time to time and take a live look outside and see how things shape up on the peninsula and palo alto approach and end with this shot. off of 92 and no problems for 101 or 280 along that peninsula. more than a dozen cats and dogs recovered from a house of a horder now safe. those animals were found in
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pacific grove. the spca says the 14 dogs, 4 puppies and 2 cats were living on piles of trash in the small home. the animals were covered with flees and had infections. spca officers said they will submit the case to the district attorney for possible charges. the house is inunhabitable. america's oldest book store must find a new home. 54 years after that book store opened the store's owner say the property owner changed the locks on the shop. marcus books was trying to buy the building back for the past year and a half but just unable to raise the $2.6 million needed. it will now look for a new location in san francisco. four months after the city banned tour buses at a famous san francisco landmark, residents say the buss are still there. people living in the alamo square known for the iconic painted ladies' home said tour bus drivers are ignoring a city
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ordinance prohibiting them from driving through the neighborhood. drivers are just as aggressive as ever and don't seem to care about the law according to residen residents. they know about the rule breaking but writing $100 tickets is not high on the department's priority list. some intriguing new information about moms in america has come out just in time for mother's day. an annual survey by tivo found a pretty surprising fact about moms and that remote control. >> we found that when families are watching tv together that moms are in more control of the remote by a margin of 41% to 21%. >> researchers conclude that moms are much more tech savvy these days. i'm not sure if they're implying know how to use the remote or just sort of taking control of the remote. >> up and down to change the channel. >> let me explain this to you. >> thank you so much. how do i do the volume, again? >> oh, my goodness. time now 5:21.
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a poisonous snake found inside an nba locker room just hours before game time. we'll show it to you coming up, next. let's face it, most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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and good morning to you. it's almost 5:30 in the morning. there is some fog out there and see it's just barely there as we look at the embarcadero and some mist as i was driving. >> yeah, a couple raindrops on my commute, as well. snakes on a plane, but snakes in an nba locker room, that's just ridiculous. but look at what the portland trailblazers found in game two. the picture was posted on instagram by mo williams. the security guard to make and that's the snake out of there. the blazers lost game two 114-97. game three is in portland and
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one of the players admit he was pretty scared. >> 32 men picked in the first round of the nfl draft. >> that's right. this is not what happened on the draft floor that had him sweating but before that. this video tweeted out by the nfl. he dropped to one knee right here -- >> you love me? you promise? >> yes. >> he is. gets to one knee there on top of the empire state building in new york and proposes to his girlfriend. >> will you marry me? >> thank you, eric. >> after she choked up a little bit, got a yes there. both athletes at the university of north carolina. she plays basketball for the school. eric, by the way, picked number ten in the draft by the detroit
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lions. big moment. >> that is cool. that is outstanding. let's check in with christina on this nifty, rainy friday. >> little romantic out there right now. happy friday to you. you made it to the end of the week, bay area. a nice weekend, especially saturday for your outdoor plans. temperatures right now mostly in the 50s and we'll end up in the 70s for today. and 70s tomorrow in the warmest cities across the bay area and then trade the numbers in for the 80s by mother's day. we're talking triple-digit heat next week. lots to go over in your full forecast this morning and let's check your drive with mike. >> we're looking over here towards the south bay with northbound 101 and a smooth drive and just developing the first burst starting to kick in a little bit. now, don't get too worried. a smooth drive and at speed pretty much everywhere except for 101 and 680. that's where we have our camera and smooth drive around the bay and 580 out of livermore and golden gate bridge is what we are talking about.
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low clouds and fog kind of drifting around the area a little bit and right now see the thickest of the views that i've seen right now and can't see that south tower but that can change minute by minute and prepare for that, it might be the case. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you. it is 5:27. the president continues his bay area visit today. once again he will be greeted by protesters. democrats debate their next move after republicans investigate the deadly attack on the embassy in benghazi.
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a man in police custody this morning accused of lurking outside of a south bay home. why police think he is a serial burglar. and a live look at the fairmont hotel in san jose this morning. he leaves in just a few hours. what part of the commute will be affected. >> i'm watching his drive. might affect your morning commute. and also track your morning with a new crash over in the east
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bay. chamber of commerce weather for the president later on today. foggy start, though, in san francisco. we have mostly cloudy conditions in san jose and becoming sunny by about 10:00 a.m. and then that heat cranks over the weekend and lots to go over in your full forecast this morning. taking you outside on your friday, it is may the 9th. this is "today in the bay." and a good friday morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. another live look at the fairmont hotel. the president has one more stop to make before he flies out of town. mike inouye joins us with how that could affect your morning commute. >> he is coming to the studio, mr. president, well, no, you're always invited. we're not far from there. looking over here from the south
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bay and going from the fairmont right near 87 and 280 and head up towards mountain view and a wall administer up there we're talking about that. this drive right here 280 and 85. we don't know for sure, but those are the two major freeways that head up to the area likely, likely because an issue and this is later on in the morning commute and not the middle part, but late in your morning commute when you watch the south bay and also heading over towards moffett field to get out of town and he has that private runway there and we'll watch for the effects, like yesterday, this is 101, 237 and 85 all in that same area. we're tracking that. we don't know specifically where he's driving and yesterday it was pretty tied up as you head to and from los altos. the when the president arrives in mountain view, expected to be greeted by protesters upset, nannette miranda is live in mountain
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view. >> paving the way for the president's arrival later on. i have an advance copy of his speech. he is expected to talk about boosting solar energy and energy efficiency in the united states. today, walmart is expected to talk about doubling the number of on-site solar projects at american stores sam's club and distribution centers by the year 2020. the president hopes other companies will follow reducing energy use and cutting energy bills even for families and creating jobs in the solar industry. mr. obama, though, can expect protesters, labor groups and some walmart employees say it doesn't make sense for the president to highlight walmart. he's been fighting to raise the minimum wage and the giant retailer is famous for low wages and high profits. one grandmother who worked here at this walmart wants to give the president a letter about what it is like to be living paycheck to paycheck in silicon valley. >> we don't make enough money, our wages. you know, poverty and hard not
5:33 am
just for me but a lot of people. they don't have food and places to live and some live in their car. >> the administration insists today is about renewable waand t wages. completion solar panels on the first family's residence. the nice thing they're american made. the project is estimated to pay for itself in energy savings over the next eight years. the president is expected to begin speaking at 9:55 a.m. then he flies out of moffett field about an hour or so later. live in mountain view, nannette miranda. >> thank you very much. protesters turned out in force in san jose yesterday. >> you're not a guest of the hotel or part of the event, protesting signs, et cetera, you're welcome, but please move to the sidewalk. >> now right after the motorcade started rolling in, they began
5:34 am
to crowd the fairmont front door trying to get the president's attention. this is protesters. some wanted to end what they call drone war fare and others were protesting the keystone pipeline. capped off a very busy day in the bay area for the president. when you add up all the $5,000, $10,000 or $30,000 ticket at four events he could easily bring in seven figures for the democratic party. stay with us for continuing coverage of the president's visit here. we'll be live streaming his speech and departure from moffett field, as well, go to police think an oakland man who was arrested in a sunnyvale backyard is a serial burglar. he was spotted in a backyard tuesday afternoon and the neighbor told police he watched roddy figaro knock on the door of the home and after nobody answered he went around back. he was reportedly found with items that were taken from a
5:35 am
different home. police in richmond are looking for a man who peppered sprayed a jewelry store employees and made off with thousands of dollars of jewelry. this happened in sears in richmond. a man asked a worker if he could see a piece of jewelry that was locked up in a display case. the working knelt down and pulled out some of the jewelry and when she stood up he pepper sprayed her in the face. a big change come toing a san francisco area popular with tourists and commuters. crews working on the parkway project are moving the last san francisco exit before the golden gate bridge and missing it could cost you. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in san francisco. bob, this could create quite a mess and a few unexpected trips to marin. >> it could. some confusion. if you're not paying attention, you could end up having to cross the golden gate bridge and having to come back and pay the
5:36 am
$7 toll, assuming that your intention was just to stay in the city. anyone who is going on northbound 101 right now you get through the tunnel and you see the sign that says last access and you are allowed to exit right before you get to the toll plaza and go back about your business in the city. but come sunday, construction crews with the park project realignment will be moving that exit 1,000 feet south. so, be 1,000 feet sooner and if you're not paying attention or aware of it, you'll miss that last exit and be forced on to the golden gate bridge and then having to do a u and paying that $7 toll. the people running this project are getting the word out. be aware of that last exit. going to be about 1,000 feet sooner starting sunday and, of course, more traffic will be coming throughout the week. so, this could be reverse commute issue or going home
5:37 am
issue for some reason you have to come back and they just want you to be aware and also wonder could be some congestion and some backups with drivers being confused and going wait, what and then slowing down and then you have the rest is history, i should say. reporting live here at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, i'm bob redell. >> the rest becomes mike inouye's problem. that guy stops and that guy hits him. >> it's called the wait, what. >> #waitwhat. we'll know what that is if it happens sunday, folks. be prepared. over here getting into san francisco from the east bay moves smoothly. i love this shot this morning because we see the low clouds in the buildings with the city itself and low clouds around the area and cleared from the bay bridge and we had earlier issues right on the san francisco side, but not a problem. look at the toll plaza itself and we do see a smooth, steady flow of traffic and the cash lanes a few folks waiting in
5:38 am
line there and the fastrak moving smoothly and you can see sunlight and that's great stuff as it starts. traffic flows nicely out of the maze and down the east shore froway through oakland 580 and 880 move smoothly and we talked about mist from overnight and drizzle and rain and damp roadways and whipple road reports of a car that went off the roadway and spun out and went into the hillside there and took place on the off ramp and a little bit of water on the road and combine to have that type of situation. no major injuries and a smooth drive around the rest of your bay and we just have your start fwr the westbound 580 commute coming through the tri-valley. no surprises for the morning commute. what do you have weather wise? >> hope you have a good surprise for your wife on sunday. good, good, good. happy to know mike is prepared, are you? 57 degrees in the south bay and 59 degrees along the peninsula and we would like to help you
5:39 am
prepare if you have not made those plans. awesome things across the bay area for you and mom. i want to show you right now the golden gate bridge. traffic is picking up just like mike showed you. the fog is rolling in and stick around for the first part of the day in san francisco. clearing there by noon. meanwhile, we'll see full sunshine here in the south bay and san jose by about 10:00 a.m. today. 69 degrees today and along the peninsula, about 62 degrees and mix of sun and clouds in san francisco. these are our last mild days, today into tomorrow. you'll notice on your seven-day forecast right there at the bottom of your screen, temperatures will soar as we get into mother's day weekend. let me show you the difference on saturday versus sunday in the south bay, 71 degrees on sunday and up to 85 degrees on sunday. so, brunch is probably a good idea. still nice and cool out there until about 11:00 a.m. speaking of those free events, i promise you this. this is what is so cool about
5:40 am
free exploratorium day. it is so fantastic and one of the place physical you missed it and you lived here for a long time, you'll regret it one day if you move out of here. 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., completely free and not just for the moms and the grandmas, but for everybody. this is a cool place you can take mom if you're so inclined. i know you've been here, scott, you enjoy it. >> i have, indeed. a great location and it's fantastic. >> i like how christina is good at finding the free spots, too. appreciate that. 5:40 right now. a local car dealership getting national attention for its latest tv ad. we'll show that ad to you coming up next. johnny football dropping down in the draft. the tweet following his pick that has everybody buzzing this morning.
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5:42 now. this morning the veterans affair department is being accused of deadly delays in health care at some of its hospitals. yesterday lawmakers issued a
5:43 am
subpoena to find out exactly what happened to a back-up list of patients needing care. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the latest on this story. good morning to you, tracie. >> hey, peggy, good morning, everyone. democrats and republicans voted unanimously to subpoena these records. it is looking at e-mails and documents they want everything that relates to what is going on in phoenix and who may have ordered for the so-called list of backup to be destroyed. a top official told officials here on capitol hill that it wasn't a deliberate attempt to try to make it look like veterans were getting in a lot faster than they actually were for appointments but putting in a new electronic system and the back-up list for people not put into the system yet and by regules those notes that have to be destroyed. waiting to get some information about what documents, e-mails, documents and other things might back that up. they have until the 16th, monday
5:44 am
the 16th. just over a week to comply with that subpoena. meantime, we're going to hear from eric shinsheki. he is testifying here on capitol hill next thursday. >> thank you so much, tracie. today democrats will decide to take part in a new investigation into the deadly attack in benghazi. the new investigation comes after republicans formed a special committee yesterday. some democrats believe it's a ploy during mid-term election year while republicans accuse the white house of misleading the public about the attack. four americans, including bay area native christopher stevens were killed in the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. families of some of those killed on 9/11 plan to protest this weekend as the unidentified remains of those killed in the world trade center are moved to a site that is underground. relatives say that officials plan to house the remains under the national september 11th memorial museum. a move that they are saying is disrespectful.
5:45 am
the remains will only be available to families and forensic scientists. they would rather the remains be stored above ground. the family of a central california teenager is suing bmw after a girl reportedly died from heat stroke while trapped in her car. the 14-year-old was driven to school by her siblings last year in the family's 1997 bmw. when they got there, she said she wanted a bit of extra sleep before class, so she stayed in the car and her siblings went to school and her brother locked the car from the outside, but when they returned, they found her dead in the car. the lawsuit alleges the car's double locking mechanism makes it so you cannot unlock the car from the inside from any door if it's been locked from the outside. bmw has not commented publicly about that lawsuit. a car dealership is standing up for marriage equality with a commercial that some believe is the first of its kind. >> i know i told you to meet me at the dealership, but i bought
5:46 am
the car. >> now the commercial begins with a woman on the phone talking to her spouse. she is in the driveway apologizing about a decision she made to just go ahead and buy the new car and the camera pans and reveals her spouse is a woman. >> we didn't expect such feedback. it is really amazing to see all sorts of e-mails and phone calls come into the dealership. >> the ad began airing on may 1 and the dealership has gotten 100 e-mails so far, mostly positive, and a few negative. well, let's take a live look outside as we talk about the weather this morning and a beautiful picture of the bay bridge. >> gorgeous. >> fantastic as we join christina loren. little bit of mist and rain. >> mist, drizzle and, yeah, not rain. basically when you're talking about rain, you're talking about the actual size of the drop. so, yeah, one of those things.
5:47 am
you live here in the bay area and you know what the fog can do to your morning drive. it can slow you down and we haven't had any real moisture come through the bay area and yesterday a little bit of light shower activity up in the north bay and drizzle for the greater bay area, but just wasn't really enough to wash off our roadways. do watch out out there as we do see things slicken up. all that oil rises to the top whenever we get moisture on our roadways. fog starts in san francisco and beautiful start in san jose. this is what we're working with. a mix of sun and clouds to start off your day and no temperatures comfortable and mostly upper 60s to low 70s for this afternoon and warm you up as we ghet et i the mother's day weekend. our air quality is going to suffer, as well. good air quality for today and same for tomorrow and getting into next week, that heat cranks. for today, comfortable temperatures and same for tomorrow and few 90s on the way for sunday and next week that warming continues. triple-digit heat on the way and we'll talk about that coming up.
5:48 am
here's mike with your drive. >> looking over here towards the south bay and predictable build and a new crash in that backup. three vehicles involved but they quickly move to the shoulder, so, this is another additional slow down as you pass north. past oakland road and allenrock and mckie. this will probably stick around for the morning but we'll watch to see as we progress over the next hour. over here a concern, eastbound 237 coming off of 85 and over towards 101, we see slowing already. that will probably clear up without any issues and we'll just track it. while the president is staying here downtown san jose and over there in mountain view, walmart is where he is going to visit and over towards moffett field and that is along this general area where he is going to have to drive. i'll let you know if there is any additional security. looking over towards the peninsula for a live look at palo alto and a smooth drive, as well. might be enough to use a wi windshield wipers over the early part of your commute.
5:49 am
heading up towards the san mateo bridge. we see the traffic westbound as your commute coming back over towards the peninsula. southbound 880 reports of a spinout right there at the whipple off ramp and a pretty tight curve there and slicker roadways contributing to that single car spin out. we'll continue on because the freeway itself is open there and dublin interchange and a little slowing at highway 84 and the rest of your approach to the bay bridge looking for metering lights and back to you. >> all right, mike, thank you much. tonight the giants will try to keep the momentum going against the dodgers down in los angeles. game one of the series went into extra innings, tied at 1-1 at the top of the tenth. hector sanchez hit a sac fly to right and dodgers went on to beat the dodgers 3-1. game two right here on nbc bay area. our coverage starts at 7:00. let's not forget about the nfl draft. a lot of people live for this
5:50 am
and the fans for sure. the raiders have one pick. >> so, yeah, the silver and black yesterday selected mack from the university of buffalo. started all four years of college and never missed a game to injury. he is ready to jump in and contribute on the field. >> with the 30th pick in the 2014 nfl draft, the san francisco 49ers select jimmy ward. >> for the second straight year, the 49ers went on and picked a safety snagging jimmy ward out of northern illinois. the fans at the 49er draft party, look at that. seemed please would the selection. so, head coach jim harbaugh has a knack for making the right plays. the houston texans selected south carolina defensive end jadeveon clowney as the number one pick. big day for him. clowney became the first defensive player chosen first overall since 2006.
5:51 am
very cool. so, news not so good, though, for johnny football. a lot of people didn't see this coming. johnny manziel was selected 22nd overall finally by the cleveland browns. while he waited hours to hear his name called the nfl tweeted this #sadmaziel. so many are calling the controversial tweet overly harsh. >> from the league. like making fun of the guy that is not getting picked from the league. >> little bit tough. surprising it is still there or whoever tweeted in the first place. coming up, a taste test for mcdonald's. this menu item debuting today.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:53. "today in the bay" follow up. a kill switch on all new phones is heading to the state assembly. this was passed in the senate yesterday. the bill's author mark leno of san francisco had his proposal water down quite a bit. the kill switch would apply to cell phones and not tablets. the start date pushed back another six months to july of next year. snapchat settled charges by the federal trade commission that it deceived consumers. it promises photos sent by users will disappear after a certain period of time put the fcc alleges photos can be saved by those who send them or those who receive them through various methods. apple considering its biggest acusition ever. beats by dr. dre. reports the cupertino company could pay $3 million for beats and the largest acquisition ever for apple because beats hasn't
5:55 am
created any new technology, just a fashion. follows a string of high-priced deals in silicon valley. google bought nest for $3 billion. well, mcdonald's is looking to shake things up quite a bit. seasoned fries will soon roll out in northern california and st. louis. before you jump up the fries will only be sold in stockton, modesto and you have to season the fries yourself. they come with a special seasoning packet which you pour into a bag and shake it up to cover the fries. mcdonald's introduced this concept in some stores in hong kong ten years ago. >> i have to season them myself? let's check win christina this morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, i like a little salt with my shake, as well. we got a good-looking day, fries, whatever it is you're having for breakfast. just keep in mind temperature will be nice and comfortable for the next couple of days.
5:56 am
if you wanted to do any cooking for mom, today and tomorrow are your days to do so. so hot by the end of the weekend. 72 degrees in the east bay and 76 in the north bay and 71 degrees in the south bay. stick around, we'll tell you what's happened across the bay area for you and mom this year. more free events to tell you about and a little trick up my sleeve and hope you combat the heat for next week. stick around we'll take you through the changes in your seven had-d seven-day forecast. >> take a long time deciding what you're going to buy in the freezer section. looking over here towards westbound 92 away from us. a flat section moves smoothly where we can see it but right near the high rise reports of a disabled vehicle and maybe still blocking one of those lanes and look from the other side and i can't see anything stopped on the roadway. that's good news. somewhere between the flat section and the top of the high rise and what's going on there. once you geet high rise you're moving smoothly and don't see a change in the volume of traffic.
5:57 am
as we look at the map, no big incidents as far as the rest of your commute and a smoother drive across the 92, as well as 84 and dumbarton bridge and slight build northbound 101 in san jose and looking towards oakland road where there is a crash over on the road. >> we're hearing about the flavorses of the fries. spicy ranch, buffalo and. a happy ending to a scary situation. a young boy got stuck in a parking gate. we'll show you how it all ended. also new details we are learning about a home invasion robbery that ended in the death of a millionaire. a deadly quake strikes pakistan overnight. the latest details from overseas, coming up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
new this morning. walls crumble as a deadly quake
6:00 am
rattles pakistan. more video of the damage, next. >> it is good to be back in san jose. today his visits will affect your morning drive. we'll tell you where. can we expect more honking horns and shaking fists on the golden gate bridge? the traffic change that could get you turned around. the weather is changing right now. we'll see a mostly cloudy start to the day, but a beautiful, pleasant finish as we get into your weekend, the warming trend kicks in and then triple-digit heat on the way for next week. lots to go over, bay area, in your full forecast this morning. we still have a little bit of a misty sky in some spots and that means a little bit of a damp road. i might have a new crash on the peninsula. i'll tell you what is going on for 101, next. taking you to the transamerica bidding now. just a beautiful shot to wake you up here on this friday morning. this is "today in the bay."


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